My top 5 locations/Sets for Fashion Shoots!

1. African Village – Thinking about shooting in Africa is defiantly something that inspires me. With both of my parents being born there and having many African friends, I guess I’ve always longed to see the beauty that resides there!

2. Busy New York – Having shot there once already, New York is a very special place to me. The vibrant streets, the art and culture and the welcoming nature of Americans inspires me to go back and create more magic.

3. Underwater Shoot – Having grown up watching America’s Next Top Model, I was certainly inspired by many of their underwater shoots! Their powerful yet graceful images have been noted to be some of the best underwater images in history!

4. Indonesia – A fashion shoot with tropical birds –Soon after my Granddad passed away 9 years ago, I started noticing the movement, the sounds and the cheeky nature of birds! It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the way they fly and how their presence makes me feel secure and happy.

5. Caves of Feengrotten in Saafeld, Germany – The ideas of shooting in a cave is scary but exciting. I love the contrast of the rigid caves against the calming water. I stumbled upon these beautiful caves in Germany and it isn’t caught my eye!